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Daughter Started Claravis

Hi, My daughter who is 15 has been fighting acne for 3 years now, we tried everything over the counter and and about 1 1/2 ago saw a dermatologist who prescribed and then Ziana and topicals, anyway nothing made a dent, so 12 days ago we started Claravis. No problems, no side effects until a couple a days ago. She has the dry lips and more breakout which is fine, but now we are dealing with some headaches, nothing that 600 mg of ibuprofin wont solve, her eyes have been irratatting her so we went back to glasses and she is getting sore stomachs. So what i need help with is: is this normal? How long does it last? any suggestions? should I be worried? You read all the side effects on the disclaimer on the package and it scares me to death! Am I making the right decision letting her be on this? How long are "cycles" and why do people have to do second "cycles" I thought this was the end all be all? Well just a paranoid mother looking for help, support, and what ever else you don't mind sharing




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