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Fasting Journey

Today is my improper fasting day 13! Day 1. juice fasting , including rice milk Day 2. juice fasting , including rice milk Day 3. juice fasting , including rice milk Day 4. juice fasting , plus veggie soup at noon Day 5. juice fasting , including rice milk Day 6. pure juice fasting Day 7. I couldn't resist to eat and so i ate food and then, i regretted and vomited back by induced vomiting ( yes, i know that i was stupid enough,lol) Day 8. at 7 pm, i couldn't stand and ate food and then, did induced vomiting (oh, i did salt water flush this morning) Day 9. did SWF! this is my first time fasting in my whole life and so i was not so adapted to it, I decided to do intermittent fasting (may be it was an excuse to eat,ha haa) I ate dinner I also started one-a -day multivitamin today! Day 10. I got bumps on chin due to SWF,so i stopped it from day 11.. I ate dinner today too.. Day 11. I ate dinner Day 12. I ate dinner and vomited back Day 13. I ate dinner on the days when i ate dinner, i only drank one glass of fresh fruit juice , 1 or 2 lime water, 1 glass of green juice , and water.. I did this because i am so desperate to have acne and i really want to get rid of the root or cause.. During the time frame, i always felt sorry whenever i ate but round about 3 or 4 pm, my craving for food became so strong and i could not resist it.. During the 13 days period, the inflammation was gone to some extent but not completely. i got some bumps from salt water but now i can handle this as i stopped drinking it. The stubborn pimples and red spots heal quickly during the fasting,I didn't feel very weak during juice fasting days and one meal a day period. I do some light 30 minute exercise/walking almost everyday to accelerate the detoxification process,, In some days, i drank tamarind paste juice the first thing in the morning and My bowel movement was normal (2-3 time per day) . I didn't experience severe headache but some lightness a few times. and all other things were fine.. I ate not because of hunger but because of craving.. (weird, right?? lol) I felt became used to the fasting day after day and so,i decided to do a strict fasting starting from tomorrow and i would drink water, one glass of lime water, one glass of greens , and may be one glass of fresh fruit juice if i could not handle anymore.. and I let you guys know what will be going on in details day by day.. I'll do this fasting as long as i could stand and my next step is juice fasting (a little more glass of juice , may be 3 or 4) and then, apple 3 days diet, and then, one meal a day diet and finally , intermittent fasting with eating window period ( 6/18)and that's my final destination. See you guys! wish me luck.. lol

I am I

I am I