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4 Months Into Roaccutane + My Lead Up

Hey All! I am new to this so hopefully my story helps a few of you out like the stories on here have helped me out. Currently, I am in month 4 of my course of Roaccutane, prior to my break out this year I never had Acne infact my skin was borderline perfect - just a few pimples every now and then. Very reluctant to start on Roaccutane - it really scared me with all the horror stories you read about side effects but I have found there are minimal side effects! The dry lips and skin as expected dont phase me as I know they are only temporary, its nothing a tub of Blistex and a good moisturiser cant fix. My Dermo suggested Neutrogena hand cream which is really good for the dry skin & gave me a prescription for an ointment called Advantan ? (or something) which fixes those patches everyone says they get on their arms/hands. For me being on Roaccutane has been a very slow process but I would definitely rather do this than deal with Acne for another 6 months. I ended up completely obsessing over my skin at the start, then got to a point where I just would avoid mirrors for fear of some kind of break down. I have tried cleanser after cleanser & a whole heap of products but I have complete faith in Roaccutane working its magic and getting rid of this for good. Patience is THE biggest key! Which is rich coming from me being the most impatient person out Looking at my photos from back in June/July of this year actually scare me that my skin was THAT bad. It got to a point where it was so painful that taking off my make up hurt, even water on my face in the shower hurt! Dont mind my pointless rambling! Heres a bit of my story: February - March: Noticed my face getting really oily, tiny little bumps started covering my back April: Face starting to break out, deep cystic acne starting to develop on my jawline - lasted weeks at a time April - May: Went to my GP as it got worse, he suggested Akamin - I took that for a month and my skin continued to get worse May - June: Got a referral to a Dermatologist, she sent me for a blood test and started me on Predisone & EES (I think!). June: Started on 20mg Roacc every 2nd day with EES 3 times daily + 1 Predisone tablet July: 20mg Roacc daily with EES 3 times daily + 1 Predisone tablet August: 20mg & 40mg Roacc alternate days with EES 3 times daily + 1/2 Predisone tablet September: 20mg & 40mg Roacc alternate days with EES 3 times daily October: 40mg Roacc daily with EES 3 times daily Hopefully I will have some good progress over the next month or two! Devostated its nearly summer here & I cant go in the sun




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