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Just Found This Site And I Though I'd Share My Story :)

Okay well hello to anyone who reads this! I'm Meg and I'm 17 and I've had acne for most of my life. It had always varied, but most of the time it was only moderate acne with a few pimples here and there. This summer my face was tan and acne free! I think that's because I was constantly in the sun and that dried the zits up. But when back to school time came, so did the zits. I started out with a few big ones on my cheeks and before I knew it my face was covered. I was so upset. So early September I went to my family doctor and he prescribed me Epiduo cream. The first 5 or 6 days using this cream were great because it dried all of the zits up! Then it dried my skin too much and the zits came back worse than before. So last week I had had enough and so had my face. I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed me with a pill, Solodyn, to take every day, and two topicals, Aczone (AM and PM) and Ziana (only at night). Also, because my face was terribly dried out from the Epiduo, he prescribed me with a cream called Neosalus. I have been on this combination for a week, tomorrow, and I have been seeing some improvement. I really like the two topicals because I feel that they are making my skin much smoother and they are reducing my red marks from previous acne. I do not use the lotion every night; only when i feel that my skin feels very dry, but I love it. My skin is naturally very oily, but I feel like this combination has minimized the oil on my face. Right now my acne is still pretty bad, but it has definitely improved in just one week. I can't wait for the weeks to come and I cannot wait until i do not have to wear concealer everyday again. I hope someone reads this and I would enjoy some comments! Thanks for reading and I would love to hear some of your experiences P.S. I thought I should share some of the past medications I've been on: Tetracycline- Did not work at all and made me much too sensative to the sun Differen- Helped a little, but not much :/ ProActiv- Worked amazingly for two years, but then my skin became immune to it! MaxClarity- Ehhh.. kind of worked, but not enough Epiduo- Worked for a week, but dried out my skin like CRAZY!




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