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How I got rid of my acne.

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Blah My Success

For four years I had been living my life constantly battling acne, from one "Award Winning" product to the next, in the struggle to have clear skin. Starting in the 8th grade I developed very oily skin which lead to many underlying pimples and whiteheads on my forehead, around my mouth and chin, and down my sideburns. These affects of puberty and my development ate away at my self-esteem and made it difficult to just be myself in a time where discovering yourself was crucial. Luckily, throughout high school I was never picked on because of my acne or any other reason. Over these four years I tried Proactive, SkinID and Neutrogena; all of these being used for the recommended amount of time to see improvement. Out of these products Proactive seemed to be the most effective but not nearly as advertised. I was a loyal Proactive user for about 1.5 - 2.0 years, until recently got sick and tired of having sub-par skin. I recently decided to switch from Proactive to Erno Laszlo's Sea Mud Soap, a different alternative but nevertheless an option. Using this soap twice a day had many effects on my skin, immediately all my underlying started coming to the surface. But after a week of using this product I realized that as much good the product was doing for my skin, the irritation and extremely visible blemishing was too much. Within the previous 3 or so days, I have been combining the Mud Soap and the Proactive for maximum acne control. I do the Erno Laszlo "splashing" technique twice a day and immediately following I use the refining mask and then the peroxide liquid. The results have been outstanding, over the course of three days I have better skin than I have had since I hit puberty. I know that I most likely have wasted my time and yours by writing this whole essay it seems, but my hopes are to maybe change one person's life for the better. Thank you for your time and hopefully this will be able to aid you with your acne troubles. Thank you, Chris




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