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7Th Day On Oratene

Hi All,I am from South Africa in Pretoria and have struggled with Acne for close to 15 yrs. When I was a teenager it was not so bad.It was just one Zit here and there but when I entered my 30's it was like an explosion of Zits filled with puss.Yuck!! I tried everything DIY stuff, and expensifve treatments.I did five sessions of peels and light therapy.But nothing doing! The dark marks got better but the breakouts continued. I decided to go back to the Derm and see if he can help.The consultation did not take more than 30minute.The moment I entered he just asked if I want more lotions and potions or if I would like to go on Accutane.I chose Accutane and hopefully After my Five months of accutane I will be rid of this evil acne for good.So right now I am taking 50mg accutane,YAZ contraceptive and flaxseed oil. I am pretty Glad to find space where I can keep a log of my progress.I am on my 7th day of Accutane and last night I was freaking out after googling side effects and stuff.I am desparate and I will just see how it goes,




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