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Day 3

For their Sweet 16, most teenage girls will get a new car, camera, laptop, or something else really grown up and expensive, but not me....I get accutane. Ok so that's not entirely true, my parents would get me accutane regardless of what day it is, which just happened to be my birthday. So I know that it is not typical for a 16 year old to take accutane because of all of the side effects and the fact that I should have to suffer through two more acne-filled years of high school, but I refuse; I have already been through all washes, topicals, and medications a dermatologist can prescribe, thus beginning my journey on accutane. I am actually very excited to be taking it, although i am not excited about the start, but mostly about the end result. Just think, from Spring Break in March through the rest of my life, I will never ever have acne, hopefully at all but at least it will only be like a couple of zits when I have my period. My acne has been bugging me for years and has been causing my depression and suicidal thoughts, like today I had a hair cut and color appt and I couldnt even bare to look at myself in the mirror. But today is only day 3, so far no symptoms, I am a little dry though, hopefully that's all. Love, Magenta926




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