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Accutane 2 Months And A Week

Well I wanted to share with everyone my experience so far on accutane. A little of my acne history. I have had acne since i was 11 years old. I never had severe acne all over my face, but I would consistently have 3-5 cystic lesions on my face, which were extremely persistent (especially around my period) and only went away with cortizone shots, but always left hyperpigrmentation and a pitted scar (even without picking or popping). They were pretty much concentrated to my upper cheek areas (once in a while on lower jaw or forehead) so the majority of the time the rest of my face was pretty clear. people never thought I had acne because my hair would always cover the sides of my face where most of the cysts would be. I have tried every treatment under the counter. Antibiotics- minocycline, doxyclycline, bactrim, trimethopin (i think its the name), and a few more. Also birth control pills and spironolactin. Some of the pills worked and reduced the cysts but I still seemed to get at least a few a month and my scarring was getting pretty bad. I always tried EVERY topical. differein, bezyclin, retin a, acyana, just everything you can name. My most recent derm perscribed my spironolactin which actually works pretty well. She also encouraged me to use me Ziana (retin a and clyndamicin mixed) to help even out skin tone that's when my skin took a turn for the worst. it broke out soooo bad! She just told me this is a purgering period and urged me to stay on the topical. Well long story short I am now on accutane. 60 mg a day. I was extremely nervous to take it and honestly you guys the first few weeks are hard (red eyes, fatigue,dry lips)( I had no initial breakout) but after that it just becomes routine and part of your schedule. Yes some side affects are annoying- chapped lips, tiredness, blood work monthly, but overall it is not that bad! it is better than putting on topical creams and hoping for results! This WORKS! Since using accutane for 2 months and a week, I have only had 2 cystic pimples, which i had my derm inject with cortisone shots (also recommend this for people).2 in 2 months is a major reduction to my normal 3 to 5 a month, which never go away completely. To combat dry lips I use aquaphor and neosporin lip hydration. to deal with tiredness and fatigue i drink coffee and energy drinks. All side effects can be worked out. Although I do not have very severe acne, it is persistent and i do recommend this medicine to people. It has saved me from a lot of scarring, which in my opinion is way worse that acne. One thing i will tell everyone is that you will be a little over emotional on accutane. i thought this side effect may only be for teens with acne who are already depressed because of acne and have identity issues going on at that age- but as a full time working grown woman I have felt some emotional side effects from the medicine. Also I am very physically fit and work out 5 times a week and with accutane it has made my workouts harder to accomplish.