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Help - Won't leave the house

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Help - Won't Leave The House

Help! My best friend has totally withdrawn from the world. He is 17. He is truthfully a handsome athletic kid, but he hates his acne. He hates his acne so much he has stopped going to school and stopped playing sports. He says he won't leave his house until his acne is gone. He has been dealing with acne for 4 years. he is on acne antibiotic medication and his face now looks free of acne. What he does have is many lesions or scabs. I just yesterday found out he is is picking his scabs. He wont admit to it but to me that explains why his scabs dont seem to go away. What do you know about acne and not wanting to leave the house?? Could this be social phobia and not related to the acne? Can you help? Thanks, Imafan




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