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Day 22

hmm..so its day 22 and i must say my face and hair is drying up pretty nicely....the red bumps i had about a week ago are ol dried up and look like red marks which is pretty noticeable on my pale skin ..infact my frnd askd me tday if i hurt my forehead coz i had ds big red mark from dt red bump..my hair olso iz pretty damn dry now as compared to how oily it used to be..im considering taking zinc supplements to prevent any future hair loss and as of now im taking vitamin E pills aswel..im happy with the progress and i hope it continues in this positive manner..i just have to deal wid bleeding dry lips-even though i religiously keep applying vaseline,olive oil and what not..wel,il keep u guys informed wid my progress






ok..so i started takin 10mg sotret about 2 weeks ago..as of today its going to be my 16th day..up til now i havent noticed any new changes except for extremely dry lips-apart from that i dont notice any change..infact despite using BP 5% i had a breakout on my 13th day -nothing too bad but yea,not good eithr...iv got bout 4 red bups on one cheek and 2 on the other-not sure if this is the dreaded IB but..sigh!..i really hope i see more improvements soon..my appointment wid d doc iz scheduled for the 13th ..he wants to see how things are aftr the 1 month time frame..feel so terrible rite now ..and i have a group presentation comin up..dear God i really hope dese red monsters will go by then..