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Accutane 8Th Month

Hi, I just started my 8th month on accutane, I was suppose to go till my 7th month but since i'm not 100% clear my derm decided to extend it for another month or two. I am about 80% clear, I thought my breakouts were done, but I just got a big cyst on my cheeck. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, or what I could be doing better to clear me up once and for all!! Does anyone have any advice for me ?? I don't drink a lot of water, should I be?? Any advice is welcome, thanks




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Day 15! Retin A & Clindamycin

hey guys, sorry its been a while, so today is my 15th day on retin a and clindamycin. I honestly feel disgusting I have more acne than I've had in a really long time & my face is constantly oily and greasy looking. I wish i didn't have to go to school and work but that's life. I believe this stuff should start kicking in soon and I don't want to loose hope. However, as of today I am completely, step by step changing my diet. a.) Drink 16 oz. (2 full cups of my water bottle)

Intro, My Journey With Acne Brief & Short (Kind Of... :)

Hi everyone, Where do I begin, I've had acne almost nine years now. Right now I'm almost to a point where acne is ruling my life and I have to get rid of it! I would consider myself to have moderate to moderately-severe acne, although obviously my dermatologist doesn't think so. About two weeks ago, I went to visit him and he wouldn't prescribe me accutane and that just brought my hopes of obtaining it crashing down. He thought my acne wasn't severe enough and that the medication w




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