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I used to have GRUESOME acne. Now I am trying to reuild my life and find who I really am has been tough especially with old habits and behaviours always popping up now and again but so far I feel I have been doing well. I have now pretty much forgotten that I had acne and that insecure way of thinking has completely gone away. I can now go into situations without feeling an overwhelming anxiety. I even teach a class math once a week and have no issues standing infront of a group of people delivering a lesson. That being said I still have a few issues. After being personally withdrwn for so long I still find it difficult to talk about MYSELF and feel very uncomfortable when someone asks me even the most unintrusive personal question. I guess this is a result of still not being fully comfortable with who I am/not really knowing who I am and not building natural confidence over the years. I am thiking of enroling in a drama class in the hope that it will help build my confidence and help me loosen up. I know a lot of people say this but I truely used to be a funny, happy person but unhappiness has a way at chipping away at a persons self esteem and 5, 10 years later you find yourself becoming a completely different person. I have realised though that it is OK to feel down about things and we all have a right to mourn, but at some point we have to stop saying this or that is wrong with and and actually focus on overcoming our problems. Every day we spend feeling sad and down about our issues is a day of potential happiness and joy lost. The biggest piece of advice i could give anyone with acne is look you have acne end of story and yes you should do everything you can to get rid of it I mean its your face after all BUT do not let it get you down do not let it rob you of enjoying your life and missing out on fun experiences with people because the reality is you have acne and that is not by choice so now you can pick one of two options 1) you have acne and allow yourself to get down, depressed, sad insecure, withdrawn and miss out on things in life becaus of these negative feeling and then 10 years down the line look back and say i wish i did things different OR 2) you have acne and say ok, this isn't a great situation and i am going to do everything i can to get my skin clear, but i also will not let it affect my life, i will choose to be happy, i will choose to not let it stop me socializing, i will choose to live my life as if I didnt have acne. In life everything comes down to the choices we make. so to simplify if you are an acne suffer like i was these are your choices 1)you have acne and choose to be sad about it 2) you have acne and choose to be happy and still enjoy life with hindsight i would have picked number 2) Dont let acne rob your happiness!





Chapter 1

After 9 years my journey with acne seems to have finally come to an end, but now another battle begins. Over the years unhappiness, obsessive thoughts and social withdrawl have had a psychological impact on me affecting the way i have developed as a person. Now in my early adult years I have now realised how essential relationships are whether professional or personal. The effect acne has had on my personality is making day to day social interaction tough. Even though it has finally cleared up I am just so used to being unhappy and feeling down I am unable to connect with others. I desperately want my happiness back and this is my journey to reclaim it...




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