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Jojoba Oil

"Jojoba oil is one of the worlds skin friendliest oils" - that is what my bottle og jojoba says. First I want to say that I agree. My experience with jojoba has been very positive. Ever since I turned around 12, I've had back acne, but not done anything about it until I turned 19. (I'll be turning 21 in 6 months.) Though it's not long ago, I have experimented with different things. I read about jojoba oil a year ago, as one of the things recommended by Daniel, the owner of Acne.org, when I was ordering BP. I never really looked in to it though, because I'd read that oils would block the pores of the skin. However I in the late summer, after having done some more reading and discovered the blog named "TheLoveVitamin.com", I decided to give it a try. Because I'm a Dane the brand is probably not known to you. I started with the first brand I found in my local health store. It was from "Urtegaarden" (is means "the herb garden") but switched to another brand "Naturdrogeriet"(picture), but only because the first one ran out of stock. The new one however I've been even more happy about. As you probably know jojoba is absorbed very quickly and is much alike the skin's own sebum. You can read about it here: http://www.acne.org/jojoba-oil.php My experience: I've been using jojoba oil on my back, chest and the T-zone of my face every morning after bath, for about 7 months. So what is my results? 1) It's made my skin SO soft 2) The pores looks less blocked 3) My acne is lessened and is no longer as severe as it has been. No more cysts and less pimples - LadyApple19