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Cant Face The World With My Face Like This

I am 35 and have suffered from different levels of acne that didn't start until after age 28 or so. I have tried differin gel, chemical peels, Retin-A and Azcone. My dermatologists first recommendation was to put me on an antibiotic like doxycycline sp? However, I suffer from crohn;s disease which is inflammation / ulcerations in the intestional tract. I have to be very, very careful about what I eat and especially about what types of medication I take, esp antibiotics. One day i had just had enough of dealing with this acne, mostly on my chin. I would get nodule type pimples that hurt badly and looked and felt awful. I was ready to take the next step up in getting rid of this. I hated facing the world looking like this. Right before my period would be even worse. So I contacted my dermatologist and her first recommendation was spirolactone, second choice was doxycycline. Upon reviewing these meds and consuting with my GI doctor I determined spiro was best suited for me (and my stomach) . I have been taking this for 8 days now, and already I see a dramatic change in my skin. My chin has cleared almost all up, and any new pimple is just very small and not a big deal. Dr wants me to take 50 mg of spirolactone for 3 months and then come back for a follow up appt. I felt the need to share my story because I found the blogs very helpful in making the decision to take this medication. If you are in a similar situation, I highly recommend this medication!! I have not had any side effects of the med, besides having to pee alot, which makes sense because this medicine is also used as a water pill and to treat high blood pressure. I am going to continue to take the med regularly and keep my fingers crossed it continues to work. Highly recommend it!