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Dan's Moisturizer.

So... I'm on my third day of the regimen (only doing it at night, for now)... Things seem to be going okay, but I only have one problem: Dan's moisturizer. It's a lot different than it was before, I guess because now it has jojoba oil in it. What bothers me is that it claims to not leave residue, but yet... (for me) it does. Especially if you use 2 pumps, like it says to. It just seems like it's too much, & I can't stand for my face to feel greasy. So last night, I skipped it. I don't plan on skipping it all the time, but I really don't think I can handle going to bed with a greasy face every night. I feel like I'm not being consistent enough. Already. & I've only done it twice. Help.




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My Supplies Are Here!

So I guess this is day 1 of my regimen. I've already uploaded a couple of pictures to the gallery... They're not really all that flattering, but oh well. My acne is definitely not at it's worst right now, which I am thankful for. Anyway. My supplies came in this morning! I took a picture of what I'll be using... I'm pretty excited. I've been using Paula's Choice 1% BHA lotion for a while now (not consistently, but often), & I really do like it... But it's almost gone, & it doesn't really take care of all my pimples. I may add it back to my regimen in a month or so. I'll probably blog every few days, & post pictures every... Tuesday, I guess? Here goes nothing.




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Starting Now I'm Starting Over.

First of all, acne.org has changed since I was last here. Even the blogs are different, & I'm not sure how I feel about it... But anyway... yes, I have done the regimen before. Well, sort of. A few times. & every time, the result was the same - I wasn't happy. Why? Because I was never consistent. I never stuck with it long enough, & I changed things up more than I should have. What I'll be using: CeRave cleanser (not the foam kind. I hated it. Even Dan's cleanser was too drying for me)
Dan's BP
Dan's moisturizer
& jojoba oil to remove make-up.

What I'll be doing differently this time: Drinking more water.
Wearing less make-up.
Buying new make-up brushes (& cleaning them more often).
Buying better make-up (starting with Smash Box primer. I love it).
Using less BP.
Using more moisturizer.
I'll update my blog often, & probably post pictures of my weekly progress. I really just want to keep it simple this time around. Wish me luck!




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