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Female, almost 30, overnight acne

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Day 6 - Differin + Aczone

I'm using a combo of Differin and Aczone. Differin at night and Aczonein the morning. I was washing twice a day with sulfur wash - but now I'm washing with Cetaphil in the morning. My skin is drying - flaky. But I don't mind. The bumps are drying up as well. I tried to pop one of the remaining bumps and it turned into a pretty big bump with an obvious infection. If that wasn't there - my skin would be mostly zit free - but still bumpy due to scabs and dry patches. I've given up non-organic dairy and cut down on sugar and drinking lots of water. And I'm not popping anything! I've learned my lesson. My regimen: Morning: Allergy pill, pro-biotic, fiber + Cetaphil and Aczone Mid-Day: Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin, Zinc 50mg Evening: Antibiotic, pro-biotic + Sulfer wash and Differin Eventually I'm going to have to put on moisturizer. The one time I did overnight I broke out - so no more of that. It's useless anyway since I wake up and wash my face - which makes it dry again. I have cetaphil for sensitive skin. I'm also in the market for a humidifier for overnight use. I'm hopeful but also mindful that I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch. I'm calling my dermatologist today to get the results of my hormone tests. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully - they're totally out of whack and the cause for my acne. That would be a different treatment that would be much less expensive than my current one. I'm a little worried about scarring - but before this breakout my skin was resilient to scarring. I'm doing everything I can to ensure I come out of this with the best skin of my life - and a better attitude. I had lost the notion of being grateful of not taking anyone or anything for granted. This struggle has given me the opportunity to dive back into myself and attempt to understand what my life is and where I'm going with it. All of us - every single person surfing around this website - will have clear skin, eventually. But more importantly - if we're mindful of our suffering ... to become content regardless of our appearance - all of us, every single person surfing around this website - we'll be better people. We are suffering - despite the apparent vane and egotistic nature of our suffering - we know it's much deeper than that (deeper than skin deep). Keep your eyes on the light at the end of the road, avoid mirrors if you have to, spend time with people who don't care what you look like, spend time alone - do whatever you have to do. I'm kicking acne in the balls - actually - I'm cutting off its balls and sending it on its way - never to return. I'm winning this battle and I'm also winning this war. Eyes on the light.




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Day 4, Female, 29 - Differin

The Differin was making my skin really dry so I got some Cetaphyll lotion for sensitive skin. I put both on last night and woke up to more zits and more dry skin. I know it's supposed to get worse before it gets better - but man ... the road seems longer today than it did yesterday. Maybe if I'm already in the IB - that means it'll pass sooner than a few months. I've never stuck with any acne product long enough to really give it a shot because of the IB phase. "If you do what you always did, you'll get what you've always gotten ..." I'm going to stick with it this time and hope for the best.

Day 3: 29, Female (Pictures Included)

I'm going to try and post pictures every day as I go down the road to clear skin. I had sudden onset, adult acne happen in mid-July. My prescription: Prascion Sodium Sulfacetamide 10%, Sulfer 5% - Cleanser (2x a day) Cephalexon (Generic for Keflex) 500mg once a day Differine (Adapalene) 0.1% creme - PM Aczone (Dapsone) 5% gel - AM As of today, Day 3, I am no longer consuming dairy or meat with added hormones. Also - I'm drinking the recommended 2.2 liters a day of water. I'm kicking this acne in the balls by thinking positively and being consistent with my prescribed treatment. I am determined to be clear by February 17th, 2012 - my 30th birthday. Well wishes to all of you out there with acne. We're in this thing together!




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And So It Is ...

I'm female - 29 - and prior to July 19th, 2011 my skin was clear. I had mild/moderate acne when I was younger. Age 12-22. I tried everything - and nothing worked until so much time passed - the acne cleared itself. Since then I've had the occasional minor breakout - just a zit here and there. And then came July. First my face was dry and rashy around my nose. Then add in tiny bumps, then tiny whiteheads and blackheads. Then lots and lots of oil and typical zits (I looked liked a teenager going through puberty). Then came the first cyst-like zit on my chin. Then came more zits around my nose and upper lip. Then came more cysts on my chin. Then an explosion of cysts/large whiteheads on my chin. Now I have it all - blackheads, cysts, large whiteheads, regular zits. It's mostly concentrated on either side of my chin and on my jawline with cysts/large whiteheads - with small whiteheads and red bumps on my forehead and cheeks. A tiny bit on my back. I did all the wrong things. I bought product after product - tried to dry it out - tried to over moisturize. Tried. Tried. Tried. My period was out of whack in July. A little more on track in August. On a 28 day cycle now - period for September should start tomorrow. I went to the dermatologist two days ago. She said she wasn't trying to be mean - but that it was bad. I was prescribed the following: Prascion Sodium Sulfacetamide 10%, Sulfer 5% - Cleanser (once a day) Cephalexon (Generic for Keflex) 500mg once a day Differine (Adapalene) 0.1% creme - PM Aczone (Dapsone) 5% gel - AM Hormone testing - 5 types (results should be in tomorrow). DAY 1 - I washed with the sulfur cleanser and applied the Differine. Drank lots of water. My skin seemed better. DAY 2 (today) - I washed with Neutrogena cleanser - applied the Aczone. My skin really did seem better - until around 7pm this evening when I noticed it felt oily. Mirror check - looked way worse! Zits all over. More on my forehead than ever. More cysts on my chin. I took a hair/skin/nail vitamin around 6:30 with my antibiotic. Maybe that had something to do with the sudden change. I try so hard not to pop my zits - but I caved in and popped a few - picked at others. Washed with sulfur cleanser and applied differine. Still feels oily. I am trying to stay positive. I've been super emotional - hiding out - embarrassed - depressed. The acne could be stress related. I lost my grandma in June. Found out my uncle had cancer - and then found out he died on July 16th (acne started July 19th) Was away for the summer for a job. Had a long distance relationship. I've been world traveling for about 7 years. Decided to put down roots. My world has been a bit shaken I guess. My skin has always been super sensitive. It's fair - freckles. So my treatment is going to be mild and slow. Just when I think it's getting better - it gets worse. I've come to the realization that it's ok to feel this through. Meaning - regardless of how vain the suffering - I am suffering. It could be worse - my whole life could be worse - I know, I know. But I can only be me - and my feelings are valid - because this is what's happening to me. Comparison is useless. I'm not taking my eyes off the light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to fight this. I refuse to live with acne. This blog is part of my healing process. Well wishes to all of you on this road. None of us are alone.