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Day 6 - Differin + Aczone

I'm using a combo of Differin and Aczone. Differin at night and Aczonein the morning. I was washing twice a day with sulfur wash - but now I'm washing with Cetaphil in the morning. My skin is drying - flaky. But I don't mind. The bumps are drying up as well. I tried to pop one of the remaining bumps and it turned into a pretty big bump with an obvious infection. If that wasn't there - my skin would be mostly zit free - but still bumpy due to scabs and dry patches. I've given

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Day 4, Female, 29 - Differin

The Differin was making my skin really dry so I got some Cetaphyll lotion for sensitive skin. I put both on last night and woke up to more zits and more dry skin. I know it's supposed to get worse before it gets better - but man ... the road seems longer today than it did yesterday. Maybe if I'm already in the IB - that means it'll pass sooner than a few months. I've never stuck with any acne product long enough to really give it a shot because of the IB phase. "If you do what you

Day 3: 29, Female (Pictures Included)

I'm going to try and post pictures every day as I go down the road to clear skin. I had sudden onset, adult acne happen in mid-July. My prescription: Prascion Sodium Sulfacetamide 10%, Sulfer 5% - Cleanser (2x a day) Cephalexon (Generic for Keflex) 500mg once a day Differine (Adapalene) 0.1% creme - PM Aczone (Dapsone) 5% gel - AM As of today, Day 3, I am no longer consuming dairy or meat with added hormones. Also - I'm drinking the recommended 2.2 l

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And So It Is ...

I'm female - 29 - and prior to July 19th, 2011 my skin was clear. I had mild/moderate acne when I was younger. Age 12-22. I tried everything - and nothing worked until so much time passed - the acne cleared itself. Since then I've had the occasional minor breakout - just a zit here and there. And then came July. First my face was dry and rashy around my nose. Then add in tiny bumps, then tiny whiteheads and blackheads. Then lots and lots of oil and typical zits (I looked
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