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Bromelain Works!!!

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Acne Killer

Iv been taking bromelain supplements 3000mg a day since march 2011. All my acne is gone. I been clear since beggining of May 2011. I tried every kind of cream, wash, lotion, antibiotics only worked temperary. So nothing ever worked. I heard read about bromelain from another acne site. I tried it and it worked. My friend tried it and it worked for him too! So it works people!!! Its cheap 10$ a bottle at GNC. Take 2 pills morning and 2 before bed and you will see a huge difference in a matter of weeks. It took exactly 4 weeks for all the inflamation and pimples to disapear. After that i only had the hyperpigmentation marks. I been using a fade cream, and of course make up to cover up. But i have no more acne!!! Try it people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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