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1St Month On Roaccutane & Before Pics

Hey everyone! So I have finally started Roaccutane, I've been on it for just over a month now. Started on the 5th October - 20mg a day. I didn't really have any side affects until the end of the first month, my lips and face got slightly dry but I was also blaming that on the cold weather! I also got really itchy legs from them being so dry (I have quite dry legs anyway) but that stopped after I started using moisturiser on them. I'm now a week into my second month - 50mg a day. My face has got dryer and my lips have as well - infact yesterday I went 2 hours without putting any lipbalm on because I didn't have any on me and they were burning like hell! That stopped as soon as I put on some vaseline though However, this morning I woke up and had little blister like spots on them they sting quite a bit so I keep putting lipbalm on them I think it's because I didn't use any for a while yesterday - also I used a sugar scrub from Lush which probably didn't help but I didn't want to go about with dead skin on my lips, so not attractive haha. I'm going to go to Boots pharmacy tomorrow to see if they have any good lip treatments, really don't want to go another 3 months with blistered lips! The products I'm using right now are: - Vaseline (brown tin - cocoa butter one) - Carmex (cherry) - Molton Brown (protecting vitamin lipsaver which I got free on an airplane!) - Boots Essentials moisturiser (I'm starting off with a cheap one because I want to see if it actually works before I spend a fortune on anything else) Now on to my before pictures! I have to say I'm completely embarrassed about posting these up! I know my skin might not look as bad as a lot of people's on here but it was recommended that I go on Roaccutane, I've also been on the contraceptive pill Yasmin for years which has helped a lot with my skin so who knows what it would like if I wasn't on that.... I think the fact that I'm on that also helped with the breakout that most people experience at the start because I only got 1 or 2 bigger spots that went away after a few days so nothing major. So please find attached my before pictures without and with makeup - I'll just mention now that there isn't any difference in my 1 month on roaccutane pictures so I won't upload them! ....my pores look hideous, I hope they disappear! Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask any questions




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First Entry!

Hey everyone! Thought I'd do a quick blog entry as I've just joined acne.org. About me : Age: 23 Sex: Female Location: UK Occupation: Student I've been getting acne since I was about 15, I would say it is moderate now and I've been on all sorts of medication throughout the years including the contraceptive pill and I've finally decided it's time to try Roaccutane to see if I can get rid of it once and for all I will be starting Roaccutane on the 4th October 2011, I CANNOT WAIT, and will post up my before pictures nearer the time I'll also blog about what products I will be using (which I'm actually really excited about shopping for haha!) Hope to speak to you all soon! Feel free to comment




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