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A week by week account of how the meds are working for me

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Roaccutane - 1 week down!

Okay so here we go, i hope people actually read this..how sad would it be if they dont! Anyway, ive had acne since i started puberty, so say around 11, im now 24..13 years! my god, i cant believe i lived with it for so long. fortunately i dont have the dreaded cystic acne, instead i have many pimples, white heads and blackheads, mainly on my cheeks and forehead. over the years my acne has changed, sometimes being mild other times pretty severe. Ive tried pretty much everything. all the over the counter washes and treatments (clearasil, oxy etc) high end products (dermalogica, clinique, suki, origins, skin doctors) pro active, dr neals acne bootcamp, all the usual salicylic and benzyl peroxide stuff, topical and oral antibiotics, retin a, contraceptive pill dianette...the list goes on. im not gonna lie and say none of it worked because for a while some of it did (comment if you want more info) but nothing has been good enough to do the job throughly enough. so here i am, finally on roaccutane, or accutane as you guys in the states call it. ive actually wanted to go on it for a while, i did try a while back but was refused by my doctor because despite having pimples all over my face, my acne wasnt bad enough..apparently. anyway, my new doctor has eyes and a brain so she quickly referred me to a dermatologist and that brings me to now, 7 days in..this is whats been happening...or hasnt been happening im on 20mg a day for now and as of yet ive experienced no changes whatsoever. i was really worried because of all the stuff ive read but honestly i feel totally normal. I made sure i stocked up on all the lubricating stuff (elizabeth arden 8hr cream for my lips, optrex hydrating eye drops, nozoil nasel spray and cetaphil for my face) now as i said ive experienced nothing out of the ordinary. i normally suffer from dry lips anyway and apply lip blam every hour or so as standard. i also have always moisturized thoroughly daily after every shower (i like being soft) so i dont know if this will just mean i dont get as much of the dryness..you know like prevention before the cure..i dunno. im just waiting for something to happen...i wonder how long before it does as soon as it does you guys will be the first to know... thanks for reading x




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