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African Black Soap Works!

After my last post my skin started to purge a little bit but it's now under control, and yes, Black Soap works! I'm only two weeks in and have seen a drastic improvement within my skin. My Blackheads are literally shrinking! Which is amazing! I also managed to get rid of a blackhead that was located in the corner of my nose. Like, no matter how hard I tried to pop this thing the end result would be a scar, so I feel pretty good about not seeing it anymore, although I did scar up again but it took two days to heal. My skin is much smoother especially after putting on lotion, it glows! I still have ways to go until I have clear skin but I am convinced that African Black Soap works. Oh yea, the ABS made my face sting while rinsing but I learned that it's normal, so if it happens to you STICK WITH IT! Later




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