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This is a little blog to track progress from acne to (hopefully) clear. Maybe start of with a small introduction. My name is Kenneth and I'm 23 years old. Haven't really had problems with acne, small break outs now and then. But nothing that really has bothered me. Until about 2 years ago. After me and my girlfriend split up, the acne decided that I shouldn't be alone. Ever since then I've been having some fierce battles with it, and I went online to find out what I could do to help me win. Found out that BP was the way to go, so I went to the pharmacy to get some. There they had some 60 ml bottles with BP 5% I think. And it helped, just too bad that the bottles were so small. So I decided to buy the set from here. When it finally came, I was thrilled and was hoping for results. And after a few weeks there were some results, slow and steady it cleared things up and I was happy. The only downside was, that it was very high maintenance but I stuck with it. Since it says I should take a break for a month or so, I tried that. And then the acne came back. But not as bad as it was before, so I was happy. Then it got worse again, and I started the treatment. Until I took a break this summer. Then it got back, worse than I can remember and then I was fed up. So I booked an appointment at the doctor. When I got there, he saw that I needed treatment and told me that Tetralysal and Epiduo is the standard treatment. Tetralysal twice a day for 3 weeks and then once a day after that. And since I only had to apply the Epiduo once a day it was less time consuming and if it didn't work I would go and see a derm. So it's a win win situation for me. This brings me to my experience with Epiduo. I've only been using Epiduo for 2 days now, but it's working. Kinda knew it would since BP has had good effect earlier. And haven't had any redness or burning sensation. Kinda dry the first hour or so after applying, but nothing a little moisturizer wouldn't cure. I've been taking photos from before I began with Epiduo and will try to continue taking regular photos so both myself and whoever reads this can track hopefully some progress. I will upload pictures when I can. And I'm sorry if I've spelled wrong