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Finally 1 Month-Tips How To Deal With Side Effects.

Hello everyone, I haven't update this for a long time since my last entry. I am finally one month into my journey on Accutane, it has been a long month but I just came back from my derm's appt, so here we go, on my second month of my Journey. I am continue on 40mg twice a day, she said as long as i can handle the side effects she will continue to put me on 40mg twice per day (so thats 80mg per day). she said from her experiences, her patient that starts with higer dosage has better results and acne won't come back again!! I prayer for that too Here are some tips that I think it really helps: (most of the products are budget friendly ) 1. still very dry but it's manageable, I spend about 15 mins every other day using hydrated mask (Avene mask for sensitive skin) on my skin to ease the dryness and I found that very helpful. 2. I have joint pains here and there, but I practice yoga so my derm said it might be yoga that will give me more joint pain ( she does recommend doing yoga, but just not too hard or too much) 3. my dry itchy scalp went away, but my hair still very dry...so i also goes to the salon and do hydartion mask on my hair, it really helps as well. It can ge expensive but I feel like money is well spent. 4. I drink about a gallon of water everyday (sucks cuz i have to run to bathroom all the time), but water makes me calm and also hydration. 5. I use johnson johnson baby oil on my body after shower every night to moisture my body 6. I also use Avene Thermal Spring water to spry on my face during the day and whenever is necessary I hope this helps for all of you who are in the same situation as I am, and I am sure one day we will be all Acne-Free!!

Day 10 of my Accutane Journey

Hello everyone, today completes my day 10 of this long process. I am happy to say that I see a little bit of improvement of my face (only little), at least is not as oily as before, I still have breakouts. huge one on my left face, 3-4 medium one on my right face, but still I am hoping for the best. I have a wedding to go next month so hopefully my face will look beautiful by then side effects: 1. still very dry lip, it cracks on the edges of my lips and it hurts soooo much. but I been using Kiehl #1 lip balms so it helps a lot. 2. dry scalp-i am using Head and shoulder shampoo and biolage super hydrate conditioner, it helps a lot of my itchly part. 3. I do noticed that after shower, i found more hair fell out in the bathtub then before, anyone experienced that before? 4. I do drink about 4-5 liters of water everyday to keep myself hydrated and clam, it annoying that i have to go to bathroom a lot LOL 5. work has been very busy recently, but it will end within a week or so, then i will be able to sleep better do more research and maybe some facials. thats all for now, I will keep you guys posted!! good luck everyone and please keep optmistic mind, we will have beautiful skin again very soon.

Day 5 of my Accutane Journey

I just recently joined this site and figured I will create a blog and share my experience with Accutane. Today is my 5th day taking Accutane and I have to say: I CANT WAIT TO BE OVER!!knowing I still have 5 months and 25days left....... side effects: 1. dry itchy scalp-I never have scalp in my life) this is so uncomfortable and embarrassing. Any tips to help on this one? 2. very dry skin, lips (Kiehl's Lip Balm #1) helps a lot, i brought about 10 of them. lol 3. my Joint pain isn't as bad as others mentioned here, but it could be I am only 5th days on it I don't see any major improvement on my face, but i do noticed that when you pop one here and there it tends to heal faster. I am staying very optimistic and beening telling myself that all those side effects that I am going through now will eventually pay off! Good night everyone, I will try to update every few days and let you know my progress!!

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