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Having been diagnosed with PCOS really made me aware of the root causes of my acne. Unfortunately my hormones right now are still F’ed up and my face/skin is freaking out! LIKE FREAAAAKING OUT!!! 

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014, and began birth control. It really did help with keeping acne at bay I tell you that, however several months ago, I decided to let my body rest for a while - and now Acne is wreaking havoc again... i can even feel that my back is also acting up now! (Guess have been super busy with Life as well that’s why I was only able to go back here in this site now)

I’m back on the pill and finished the 1st pack. Waiting for my (.) and I can definitely vouch that this is why my face is sooo filled with angry cystic acne right now especially in my jawline, chin and even neck! - My Ob gyn said that I might see some improvements starting on the second month of the pill...  i’m also taking supplements to help me with this battle, along with exercise and diet (avoiding dairy, sugar, coffee, gluten (i try) )

Meanwhile, i just started out with a modified acne.org regimen. 

Day 1 - Monday 03.19.2018
Washed with subtitute cleanser Johnson’s baby wash
Dan’s bp treatment
Moisturizer - I live in the Philippines and I use Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Moisturizer which is water- based and non-comedogenic (has super few ingredients as well which I love, and this has always been my go to moisturizer)

We don’t have the Acne.org regimen readily available here especially before, but I’ve seen some resellers and they will do! - I’m just relieved that somehow they are “available” (althoug almost always sold out fast!)

I was using the Alba Botanica acnedote when i started breaking out in Feb 20 - but I really wasn’t seeing any difference at all. NSo.... shooting this write up into the black hole. I am really hoping and praying that this will work! IT WILL WORK!!! - Coz i’m at wits end. For the past few days I’ve just been crying and crying to the point where my eyes already hurt, puffed and swollen. 

Dealing with PCOS, Acne, Bipolar disorder, Panic disorder.... jeeeeezzz. What a PAIN!!!

ps photo inserted taken when i was crying my eyes out - hence the crying stickers





2012 Accutane... Here I Go!

...so after 6months of trying procedures (which hurts), topicals, and antibiotics i am now going to take oral Isotretinoin_ Acnetrex my dermatologist put me on a 6months modified course 40mg. once a day after dinner for seven days one week, every month! + topicals of course <which i also modified...wayyy milder> cetaphil cleanser, clindamycin toner, cetaphil moisturizer (anticipating the dryness) still scared as heck.... hoping and praying to God that this will be It!!! and please noooo adverse/side effects...... keeping positive thoughts too.... no turning back now......aaaaccckkkk here i go!!!! here are also my pictures for documenting...... taken yesterday, in natural light...no flash..... (i think it looks better in pics than in real life...weird huh???..... can't stop listening to Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny Farina) July 2012....... my time in SG..... can say that i had fun.... haven't felt that in a veeerrrryyyy long time




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My Life In Ruins...

I'm drowning...... everyday i'm sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of depression. Guilt and shame, hopelessness and helplessness run through my mind like clockwork... Was there a time when you look at the mirror, and you see somebody else staring back at you?... and you felt disgusted at what you're seeing. You find it hard to go out of the house, you stopped communicating with your friends, heck you're even ashamed to be around family and relatives. All you want is to be alone.... well, that's what i feel like... still i want to fight ACNE........... Mom, i know you're in heaven and i just really wish you were here right now......




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