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About this blog

My story of my battle with Acne and Skin Picking

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Been Busy here is my update

Staying on track I see great results still have some breakouts but much less I guess its been over 2 weeks or more so I am happy. I have gotten better with picking I am trying not to pop anything on my face it is hard but I know it is for the best. I have been sick the last two days so I have not done my routine at night but will be back on track tonight. My advice keep going it will have hard times but it will all be good in the end.





Day 2&3

So far so good skin is looking better I actually have been doing a sort of regimen for about 2 weeks. I just switched the other day to the products that Dan had recommended. My skin is getting better also as for my open wounds from skin picking I have made amazing progress just in 2 days. I have been using Jojoba oil on my wounds and I bought a product from California Baby called Calendula Cream and in two days my sores are closed scabbed over and getting smaller amazing stuff. So feeling a little better will keep my self going and stick to the regimen.





Day 1-A new Beginning

I have been putting around on this site for about 2 weeks now just reading all of the posts and seeing that i do not suffer alone. I think Acne robs us of a joyful life as we at least I always walk around self conscious as to how I look and how I think others see me. I look in the mirror and feel nothing but disgust of how ugly I look. I deal with acne and skin picking which is not a great combination. I finally talked with my primary Dr. and he has put me on fluoxetine for the skin picking its been about a month now. Cannot really see any changes but I know it takes time. I am trying a regimen with some of the stuff Dan recommend until I can purchase his regimen kit. I will try to blog everyday as to keep a diary of my progress and take pics to document my journey.




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