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AcneFree For Sensitive Skin

So I have been using *AcneFree (can get at Walmart for around $13-$16, or at target for around $7-$10) and I am happy with my results so far. The product has 3 steps: facial wash, an acne toner (alcohol free), and a spot treatment that you apply to entire face, and you use morning and night. I have been using the product for about 2-3 weeks, and have not been getting a lot of acne. It's kind of like *Proactiv, only not as expensive and not as irritating to my skin. What I have noticed is that if I stress out A LOT about something or I get all upset and start crying (my pet died last night) then my acne will come back. Like this morning I noticed that I had 2 spots of cystic acne (larger bump under the skin that cannot pop) on my chin. If you have AcneFree and are currently using it, let me know how it's working for you. I also use the Clean&Clear night spot treatment and thats works great as long as I apply a little dot about every 2 hours or so..... but as for the AcneFree spot treatment (last step) I use that about 2-3 times a day. Oh, and I use a acne exfoliator from *Equate, and that seems to be working good as long as I use my AcneFree system 10-15 minutes after I exfoliate. Anyways, if you are currently using any of these products (AcneFree, Clean&Clear, or acne exfoliators) let me know how they are working. I get small pimples on my chin and my forhead, but I also get cyctic acne a lot. I get a cystic pimple like every week and it's getting really irritating because the only thing that works on it is the Clean&Clear, but it burns my skin and makes my skin peel. (exfoliator helps remove the peeling)




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