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red marks left by acne

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acne scars

ive had acne for about 3 years and now im 18 i still have some bad break outs and always have spots on my face but it has calm down alot. ive used every single cream and tablet that doctors have ever prescribed to me but its not the spots that bother me ive been left with red marks where the skin has been broken ive got 5 quite large ones in total and theres more by the day my skin looks so bad i dont go out ever because it looks so bad the doctors says it will take years for them to heal but i went to a new doctor and he has referred me back to dermatology and when im there i want dermbrasion as ive seen alot of things how it fades these marks and if i dont get it from dermatology i will to have a private clinic to have it done. has anybody had a similar expierence ? thanks iain




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