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Quitting Acne and Quitting Smoking

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This is the Beginning Of my SUCCESS story- an ACCUTANE Journey...

Hey everyone- Ive spent so much time reading blogs I felt i needed to start my own journey. Some basic back ground info 29 years old- Puerto Rican I have a 4 year old son- single working mother- Born and raised in the Bronx Never suffered from acne...........UNTIL 2010!!!!!! I started to see a derm DR back in 2009 when i wanted to check out a mole- i also had a concern that my hair was thinning out (maybe it was the birth control-but by then had stop taking) - Mole was of no concern - the dr decided its best i go in once a month to get these injections in my scalp to prevent thinning and possible hair loss- he recommended i cut my hair short....which i did and everyone loves...and I kept up with my monthly appointment.....Now the acne part - After Sept of 2010 I started seeing the dr more about skin problems rather than my hair....I would notice i would get acne deeeeeep from within and it would take weeks to heal and it would always leave a scar....I was the kind of person that took care of my face- never really wore alot of make up and couldnt understand why from what seemed from one day to the next i was suffering FULL BLOWN ACNE- Cystic, blackheads, white heads uneven skin tone...THE WORKS! The last year has gone as follows- First he gave me Tazorac...didnt work.....then we did 8 rounds of glycolic acid...which i thought did wonders but not effective enough to prevent the new ones from coming.than i was on Oracea (antibiotics for 4 months) Nothing....so hs asked me if i even heard of ACCUTANE...i said no.... Now anyone who is on accutance and is female already know what I had to go through just to start- it was a bit of a waiting period.... So here I am- DAY 8 into my accutane...BTW- i am 4 days into not smoking too.... Alot of changes going one both mentally and physically....As far as side effects go- the most ANNOYING of ALL are my dry peeling lips....ive but so much and so many different kinds of lip blam, my lips feel fake LOL- I am using AVEENO facial moisterizer at night and Cetaphyl 50 SPF during the day. DAY 4 into quitting smoking...my mind is a little foggy...I got the acne keeping my mind of smoking and the NOT smoking keeping my mind of the side effects...... Guys- Im turning 30 next month- my boyfriend dumped me - not sure if he wants me back- I need to take positive directions...I have enough going on to make me go crazy...But im here- and Im here for my son and I want to enjoy life....In part- no worrying about my skin anymore...WILL KEEP U POSTED- Sorry i wrote so much