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Week 1

I went to my dermatologist on the 16 of August and he prescribed to me Duac (apply on face once in the morning and once at night) and Monodox (75 mg once a day). I have mild to moderate acne. I know it hasn't been a full week yet but I sort of feel like its not doing much and this is probably due to the fact that I just started it and to the fact that I'm extremely inpatient when it comes to my acne. I woke up today with 2 huge zits on each side of my face and I'm freaking out. I start college in 2 days and I really don't want to have these 2 zits. I don't know if my face has to get worse before it gets better but whatever need to happen before my face gets better i hope it happens soon because I have struggled with this way to long. I try not to get my hopes up because I feel like I have tried everything and it doesn't work. So I'll be posting every couple days or week on the progress of my face. Wish me luck!