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Accutane in progress :)

Hiii (: soooo i am 17 years old and i decided to try accutane for mild-moderate acne. i've tried every over the counter product & my dermatologist ran out of prescriptions to give me. Im currently on day 50 and i look like a mess .... i started the beginning of July and i was hoping it would show some improvement by the 2nd week of september. i started on 20mg twice a day and i was recently upped to 40 mg twice a day... i was finally showing some improvement at the end of the first month as my IB subsided... once my dosage was doubled i had another break out =( .... i have a hard time listening to instructions when it comes to my skin and will put topical medicines that probably do more harm. i go for bloodwork and pregnancy test every month... not planning to have a baby soon anywhoo lol and i used to 5-6 active pimples on my face and now i have about 20 =( !!!! i really hope accutane will work for me..... is 80 mg a day too strong? ... i weigh 95 ibs 4'11 ...




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