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8 Months & The Regiman - My Journey

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1st Night - The Regiman

Ok so I just finish washing my face and I am a little impressed at how soft my skin is! I wasnt really expecting that. As far as the BP (The Treatment), I did not have any irritation and no burning and I used a generous amount! I am very pleased by that! I am going to wait about 2 weeks before I start using the AHA+ just so my skin can get use to the BP. I will post pictures in the morning of my skin and how it looks. From there I will post pics every 2 weeks. Also to prep for "The Regiman", I cleaned my bathroom very well to get rid of bacteria and also changed my pillow case. O! and I used jojoba oil to remove my make-up! It actually worked! Well until Next time!





About My Skin

Ok so I am not big on talking about my skin issue (what person with acne is?). I have had acne since I was in middle school, but in the last 2 years it has gotten worse. I am 21 now and of course i feel like my acne should be under control right now, will its not! I have moderate acne and im a picker, so my hyperpigmentation is out of control. But anywho, while searching around for an answer I ran across acne.org while looking for some reviews on doxycycline which my derm put me on. After a week of using it, it seemed like I ws getting more bumps on my face which kind of pissed me off. So I continued with my search and ran across the people talking about "the regiman" and the success stories were amazing! So I went on you tube and looked at some videos of more success stories and I was SOLD! So I finally went to the store and order the "the kit plus" which contains EVERYTHING. The cleanser, treatment, moistirizer,jojoba oil, and AHA+. So today I am suppose to be getting my kit in the mail and I am crazy excited! I cant wait! I will post pictures of me before I start and every months for 8 months just to show any progress. This will be amazing if this works because I am sick of acne and I am ready to get rid of it. MY JOURNEY TO CLEAR SKIN STARTS HERE!