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Progress is being recorded in the on the Regimen board!

Hey-- in case you haven't gotten around to reading it, my Regimen page is where I'll be posting any sort of progress. I didn't think there was any point to posting it here in the blog section. [topic=http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Regimen-that-s-working-t302677.html&p=3147694#entry3147694]My Regimen Page! Thanks guys!





Lost Willpower! It's all good...

So, I went for a really great, long run today. It felt good just to sweat, sweat, sweat in this southern heat. I was literally drenched in my own sweat. lol. Not such a cute image. Anyway, I took a shower after I ate. For dinner, I had a baked potato with sauteed onions and peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, and light sour cream on top. Not sure if that's good or bad for acne, but it was really yummy. So, after my shower...for some reason, I just can't help picking at my skin. It's the bla





Day 2 of Holistic Life!

Hey there people! Just wanted to fill everyone in on my first real day (yesterday) of TRYING to be "holistic". I know it's going to take time to truly incorporate my mind, body, spirituality, and emotions (hard one to tackle..). Here's what I did yesterday: Woke up @ around 8:00 am. I want to start waking up nice and early so that I get the most out of days. I'm going back to school in a week, that's when I'll start that. It just feels so good to sleep in... Washed my face like





Who I am, What I'm doing, and Where I'm Going!

Who I am: Hey, if you haven't read about me already, my name is Heidi and I'm a 21 year old lady just starting my senior year in college (WOO!). I love to hike, camp, read, sing, play piano, do creative stuff, and just feel good (sometimes that's not possible, though...haha). In the past year, I've made a change that I feel has benefited me quite a bit! What I'm doing: This change I made was becoming a vegetarian. In fact, on the topic of acne, my skin improved just from making the pr




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