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30 days of restraining from ejaculating

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My 3rd day to clear skin

Well its day 3, i've been pretty tired all day, I worked out 2 times and had 3 showers. My skin is still looking better! Thank you for reading. Sorry for not puting too much, its just been a long day. And these 3 days i've been taking 6 tablespoons of lemon juice.





My 2nd day to clear skin

Well its day 2 and my face looks a little better, I only have 2 whiteheads and my acne near my lip has gone dramatically down. Thank you lol. I've been very loose with my diet lately and it is on purpose because I want to see just how much ejaculation plays into acne. Thank you for reading





My 1st day to clear skin

Well i'm growing more and more aware of how masterbation and acne go hand to hand with eachother and i'm ready to last 1 month without jerkin it lol. Everytime I do ejaculate my skin goes all wack and get oily than dry and zits everywhere, mainly white heads that go away after a few days of not ejaculating. I'm 15 years of age and turning 16 in a few days, my acne has had a story of its own, in 7th and 8th grade everyone in my school had it so it wasn't that big of a deal, however in 9th grade my acne went away but its not like my skin was entirely clear, it was midway through 9th grade that I started jerkin it again and I got out of control, doing it almost every night. My acne started increasing like crazy and I had no idea that masterbation and acne could be related at the time. My acne went away after I was in a stable relationship at the beginning of 10th grade and it was more clear than I could ever believe..that was the last time in a year that I was able to say that.. me and my girlfriend broke up and it wasn't for several months after I started getting lonely that I started to jerk it again and just like it had began it started once again and my acne came roaring back. Towards the last 5 months ive changed my diet and gotten into stable shape. I still have acne and the one thing that has not changed is my ability not to resist jerking it for more than maybe a week.. I am changing this however. For 1 month I promise myself that I will not jerk off and I will post back eveeryday until the month is up, I wont change my routine except for the masterbating, I wash my face every morning and night in the shower with st ives green tea cleanser and moisterize it with palmers cocoa butter. Thanks for reading