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Still Going On!

I am so ready for this to be over. I have been to the Dermatologist countless times. (Im going next week) Nothing seems to be working to get rid of my acne. My face looks like a pizza maker was very generous to his customers. Haha. I've been on Accutane when I was 10. That was really embaressing having to have pregnancy tests when I was that young. I just wondered if anyone else was feeling the same frustrations that I am.





The Weeks go on

Here I am again. Yea. I'm ready to rid myself of this problem forever. I'm going to the dermatologist this month and I really hate doing that because I have a feeling that he's going to put me on accutane again. I know it really helps me in the long run, but i can't stand the thought of my lips bloody and cracked, hurting when i talk, even when i put lipstuff on constantly. and my acne isn't improving, if anything it's getting worse. i'm going the middle of the month. maybe there is something i




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A new year

Well, here I am, just starting my Sophmore year at school. I thought it was supposed to be exciting, fun. But it feels like I have to hide because of what is on my face. I know your supposed to say "what matters is on the inside" but I think that sounds like crap. People judge you for what you look like, no matter what is the right thing to do. I'm just so tired of putting my hand in front of my face when I work so that no one can see my face. Or constantly checking the mirror to see how big my




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