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Day 5

Okay, so I now have 3 cysts forming on my fucking chin! one on my cheek and i still have 2 lingering on my forehead! What makes me so is the fact that my acne never used to be this bad, honestly i hate having acne and don't wish it on my worst enemy...i hate to make this a sob story but it truly is debilitating in the sense that it makes one lose confidence in oneself.....i really hope accutane will yield results because if it doesn't then i don't know what i'm going to do....this is no way to live one's life....





Day 4 on Accutane

Hey everyone, I want to track my progress with Accutane. This is an absolute last resort for me at 23 years old and still battling cystic acne. I developed acne around grade 8 but it was never cystic until only 2-3 years ago. Cystic acne is so much more difficult to deal with than whiteheads or blackheads because it hurts and takes forever to go away. Having tried doxycycline, minocycline, retin-a, steviamycin, tetracycline, various bc's, diane35, differin, benzaclin, clindamycin, proactiv, etc etc. I decided it was time for Accutane. I'm about 100 lbs and 5'4.5 so I'm taking 40mg once a day. My sister had worse acne than myself and she has gotten great results on Accutane. I'm both nervous and excited about taking this drug. I have a history of depression and am also on effexor xr and seroquel. However, the ironic part is that my depression is in part due to my skin so the way I see it, my depression should improve. Right now, it's too early to tell but my skin and scalp are definitely producing less oil. I just don't want that nasty IB I keep hearing about.




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