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10 Months Post-Accutane

It's been about 6-7 month since I last posted, and I'm sorry for that, but I moved from SF to Austin in May and my life has been crazy (in a good way!) since then. Just to recap, I am a 32/F who never had acne issues until my late twenties, then I ended up my cystic acne that wasn't helped by anything over the counter or prescription. I went on Accutane and I think a did 60 mg/day for about 5 months and then 40 mg/day for two more months (or something close to this). My acne did completely clear

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3 Months Post Accutane

Hello! It has been quite a while since I posted, but I have now been done with my course for about three months. Towards the end of my course I developed a weird rash (like tiny red dots) all over my chest and back, and luckily it has almost completely disappeared. I think it was related to my skin being super dry, because it's steadily improved as my skin has gotten more and more moisture. My skin is still very clear and although I have gotten a few small pimples, they are literally tiny and go

5 Weeks Post-Accutane

Ok, so it's now been about 5 weeks since I finished my 6 month course on Accutane (4 months at 60/ day and 2 months at 40/day - 125 lbs) and things are going well. I have definitely seen a small amount of oil return, but it's usually just on my forehead at the end of the day, which is still WAY less than what I had before accutane. I'm happy to report that I haven't had any breakouts, but the rash that I developed at the end of my course (all over back, shoulders and chest) is still there. I hav

Two Weeks Post-Accutane

I apologize for the lack of entries recently, but not much has been going on! I finished my course of 60 mg/ day for 6 months about two weeks ago and haven't seen any big changes other than a rash that has developed all over my back and chest. The rash started about 3-4 weeks ago and consists of tiny red dots and also flesh-colored, rough, lumpy patches. If anyone else experienced this, I would love to hear what worked for you! My skin has stayed clear since finishing aside from a few tiny pim

Day 169

I will warn you now...this is going to be a very negative post! My entire course of Accutane has seemed to go two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back, etc. The good news is that I was moving in a positive direction, but the bad news is that it's very hard on you emotionally to start to believe that your skin issues are behind you (since we ALL know how hard it can be to deal with acne for years), and then suffer a set back that makes you think it will NEVER end!!

Day 164

Ok, so I don't really have anything new to report, but I wanted to post an entry just to give an update in case anyone is still reading this! I was on 60 mg/ day for four months, 40 mg/ day for month five, and I now have a little less than one month on 40 mg/ day. Other than occasional tiny pimples that come and go in a day, my skin has been completely clear and all my old cysts have finally healed! I still have a few red marks and a couple indented scars, but nothing that little makeup can't

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Day 148

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I wrote, but I've been on vacation in Hawaii with no computer! Being in Hawaii with the mild weather and nice humid air was SOOO good for my skin and eyes. All the dryness and red eyes disappeared, and the few tiny lumps I had under my skin from past cysts disappeared too. I was diligent about sunscreen and wearing a hat so I didn't burn at all, but I could definitely feel that my skin was more sensitive to the sun. I was amazed thought that despite the p

Day 127

After taking 60 mg/ day for the first four months of my course, my derm decided to bump me up to 80 mg/ day for my final month. However, my side effects were really starting to bother me (gushing bloody nose, super dry skin all over my body, red/ irritated eyes, joint pain), so I decided to drop down to 40 mg/ day and continue taking Accutane for two more months. Dropping my dose has really helped my side effects a lot and my skin is still perfectly clear, so I'm happy with the decision even tho

Day 119

Ok, so I went to the derm this week and she was ecstatic with my skin's progress (and so am I!!)! Because I am tolerating the drug so well, she decided to bump me up to 80 mg/ day for my last month, and I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I do like the idea of getting as much Accutane into my body before I finish my course since my odds of a long term cystic acne cure are better if I do this. But, on the other hand, with the holidays and a vacation to Hawaii in only a few weeks,

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Day 112

Home stretch! I've got about a month and a half left of my five month course at 60 mg/ day and things are going well. The cyst on my chin that has REFUSED to go away for almost four months despite four cortisone injections came to a head today! I have never been so excited to see pus before (gross, sorry!) but it is such a relief to have gotten everything out with only a tiny bit of squeezing and no pain. I think it's finally going to go away! The rest of my face is clear and this is pretty amaz

Day 103

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I don't have too much to report since things continue to improve and my side effects have been minimal. I went earlier this week to have a cyst injected AGAIN (fourth time!!) that I've had since my second week on Accutane, but I haven't gotten any new cysts in weeks and the occasional pimple that I do get is very small and is gone in a day or two. I saw my dad yesterday for the first time since early on in my Accutane course, and the very first thing out

Day 93

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 93 days! I hosted a bachelorette party last weekend so I ended up drinking a lot and eating really unhealthy all weekend, but I also took the weekend off of Accutane to make sure I didn't dehydrate myself too much. I am amazed because normally after a weekend of debauchery I would get a breakout, but I haven't gotten one yet and actually am 99% clear! I've still got one lingering cyst on my chin, but it was injected at the derm last week and is almost gone. My f

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Day 85

Ok, so I am now entering my last week of month three! My face is slowly getting better...I STILL have a cyst on my chin from my second week on Accutane that has been drained once and injected with cortisone twice (VERY FRUSTRATING!!), but other than that, I've only had one small but inflamed pimple on my chin and two tiny pimples on my jawline in the last few weeks. The redness from pimples I got early in my course is still there, and there are definitely some small indents that I am hoping will

Day 77

I'm now halfway through my course and today I woke up to a new pimple on my chin (it's actually the first "new" pimple I've had in a while...my issues for the last few weeks have been old cysts that get re-inflamed). Oddly enough, I am actually kind of excited about it because it's a normal pimple, not a cyst, and I never get normal pimples on my chin, so I am REALLY hoping that this means my cyst days are over! I do still have two tiny cysts healing on my chin, but I think Accutane is doing its

Day 72

I'm halfway done! I wish I could say I felt like this course was going quickly, but it feels like I've been on Accutane forever! I read through all my blog postings since I started this course in August, and it made me realize just how much my skin has improved. I do still have one large cyst that I got injected (again) yesterday and one tiny cyst, both of which I have had since my second week on Accutane, but the rest of my skin looks great. The first few weeks on Accutane are rough not only b

Day 65

Alright, so in just a few days I will be halfway done with my Accutane course (5 months at 60 mg/ day). Fortunately most of my side effects are minimal right now (red/ dry face, dry lips, dry scalp, fatigue, joint pain) and I have completely stopped producing oil on my face and scalp, but I still have some lingering cysts on my face that are starting to drive me crazy. Although my skin looks WAY better than it did during the first part of my course, I'm getting frustrated that these cysts won't

Day 59

Hello! I visited the derm yesterday for my monthly appointment and she was really happy with how things were going and opted to keep me at 60 mg/ day. She injected my three remaining cysts that have been around for several weeks, so hopefully that finally gets rid of them. I really don't have too much else to report. My face is clear other than the fading cysts, redness is minimal and as long as I slather on Cerave cream twice a day, the dryness is easy to manage too. The jojoba oil is preventin

Day 52

Ok, so I'm now 52 days into my 5 month, 60 mg/ day course and things seem to be improving. I've got one cyst on my jawline that's been lingering for over a month, but it's not sore or inflamed any longer. All my other cysts have either totally disappeared or are very tiny now. One cyst I had on the bottom of my chin burst earlier this week (very gross how much gunk comes out!!), which was crazy for me because I've never before had a cyst come to a head. I did get one very inflamed pimple on my c

Day 45

Hello! It's been almost a week since my last entry since I was on vacation, but fortunately this will be a much more positive blog entry than the last! Last week I had a bunch of cysts and when I went to get them injected, my doctor would only inject one really inflamed spot (said after a certain amount of time on Accutane there were a lot more risks with the injections), but fortunately all of the cysts have gone down. They are all still there (even the one that's been there for over a month!),

day 38

Today I am feeling a little bummed out about my progress since I counted six very deep spots on my chin this morning that just formed and will no doubt become cysts. I also have another very large pimples next to my mouth that just formed. I am hoping to get the cysts injected tomorrow since I leave for vacation on friday. I'm still very dry and a little red, but my scalp is doing a lot better thanks to jojoba oil. Anyway, I will update again when I am back next week and hope to have better news

Day 32

Hello! I went this week for my one month check in and since my labs looked good (triglycerides were up slightly but still on the low end) and my face is already completely dry and producing no oil, I was kept on 60 mg/ day, which I am happy about. As for the state of my skin, here's a quick rundown: -The cyst on my jawline is still there after two weeks and one cortisone injection, but it's not sore anymore and seems to be going away very slowly. There are a few smaller pimples on my jawlin

Day 27

Accutane can really mess with your mind! Just yesterday I was thinking that my initial outbreak might be coming to an end and wondering if the "cystic acne era" in my life might be over, and today I have three brand-new, very large cystic pimples (one next to my nose that I think is actually two cysts joined together, one on my chin and one above my lip...BOO!). It's so strange how cystic pimples form so quickly on Accutane. It would normally take about a week for a large one to form on my face,

Day 25

It's hard to believe I have almost been on Accutane for an entire month! Tomorrow I go to get my blood test and next Tuesday I see the derm again. Here's a quick run-down of the state of my skin: -Blackheads, blackheads, blackheads! I've never seen so many but they are definitely being pushed out because they are all raised bumps all over my face and I can see some pores have already pushed out the blackheads. Very attractive! -I had three cysts injected this week on my chin and jawline,

Day 22, Part 2

Wow, over the course of the day my "normal" pimple on my jawline turned into a very large, very red cyst! I ate terribly this weekend (lots of dairy, sweets, refined carbs, coffee) and I'm sure that is to blame. In the past, any time I indulge in rich food with lots of refined carbs, I get cysts, but I foolishly thought that after a few weeks of Accutane I wouldn't have that same problem. Arg! Now I am going to have to get this thing injected this week because it's the largest cyst I have had in

Day 22

Hello! So today marks my 22nd day at 60 mg/ day and not much has changed in the last few days. I've got a few "normal" pimples by my nose and jawline that have been lingering for a few days, a cyst by my mouth that is almost gone, and a few underground cysts that are just staying under the skin and not doing much. I've also got tons and tons of blackheads all over my face. The facial redness is only noticeable when I get hot or stressed, but the dryness on my face is pretty bad even though I am
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