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lookin' up

I took a couple days off for my skin to calm down post sunburn. best. decision. ever! I now feel like my skin is now acting like it should be at the beginning stages of BP (still not the most awesome but definitely a few steps up from the misery it was) my skin isn't really flaky anymore. just pretty rough, like sandpaper. the redness is subsiding from previous acne. Little mini whiteheads will pop up on my cheeks, a few a day, but those I can handle. Pretty sure the BP is pulling up all the old

time out

my sunburn has royally screwed me over. why does the sun here have to be so darn hot? I am forming things that look somewhat like acne scars on my dry, sunburned cheeks. and no, I did not have acne there before. so they aren't literally acne scars. They kind of worried me. I am quitting the regimen for right now, I need to get my skin healed from this sunburn. I'll sure I will start back up with the regimen after my skin has calmed down. Tonight I rubbed vasaline over my whole face and gently ru

[enter flakiness here.]

whew. I made it through the day. The swelling on my eyes went down but my cheeks are still relatively swollen. It's fun, let me tell ya.... but my face was SO dry today. I guess today was day 1 of my flakiness yall have been talking about. It was so bad, my cheeks looked like they had wrinkles. I went a bit crazy with my moisturizer tonight and my Jojoba oil tonight and lessened my BP a bit. I work all day tomorrow and I'd really rather not have flakes falling off if I can avoid it at all cost.

the beginning.

Here's my story.... growing up my skin was fine. my nickname given to me from my mom was "peaches" due to my skin. sure, I had the occasional pimple during High School, but nothing drastic. [Enter college here....] my skin went absolutely crazy. I was breaking out and I didn't know what to do. It got so bad I decided to start Accutane. I was on it for 8 months [of hell] but it worked! I was completely clear and off Accutane starting in July 2010. I stayed amazingly clear until about April 2011 w
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