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Day Negative 3-10 days

Uhhh so Hey folks! I'm new to being officially part of this community, but I'd been reading reviews on this site, looking at galleries, etc. since I began my private online acne research a month ago. I just ordered the "regimen" and it should be coming in 3-10 work days. Today's an odd day, cause 1 1/2 weeks ago, I made a commitment to stick to the Acnefree Severe regimen, and be clear by today. NOPE. Although I'm kinda somewhat better, i still have incredible under the skin breakouts. I wanted to be clear today, cause my girlfriend returned from China (she was there for 6 weeks, long story.). Turns out she stills finds me attractive! yay for good people in the world! Anywho, FIRST BLOG DONE. aha




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