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Day One!

In this blog I tell of my experience with using spearmint tea as a natural cure to lower sebum production. First I'll start off with drinking 2 cups of Bigelow's Plantation Mint spearmint tea every day. By 2 cups, I mean the normal 8 ounces in a mug. Since this brand of tea isn't decaffeinated, I plan my drinking in the morning and no later that 2pm. I tend to be oilier in the T-zone and the area under my eyes (of course, not directly because we have to functioning oil glands directly under our eyes) Hopefully, this will prevent oily skin for me. I won't be adding anything to my tea (honey, sugar). So I'll just be drinking it straight since I don't find the taste of spearmint tea bitter or revolting. I steep my tea bags in hot water (my water dispenser has an option of hot, probably boiling temperature, water) for about 2 minutes and drink it as a hot beverage. I hope anyone who reads this blog will try this natural solution and benefit from it!