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sticking with it!

Alright I've finally finished a whole pack of TriNessa and have decided to stick with it.. I have no side effects anymore and am really loving it.. I was scared after hearing peoples "horror stories" but It works differently for different people. I am also continuing to wash my face day and night with a dove soap bar and applying benzaclin in the morning and adapalene :]


ugh I hate whiteheads! I'm almost done with TriNessa.. I was debating if I should use Ortho Tri-cyclen in the beginning but now after using it for almost a month I think I'll stick with TriNessa.. plus i'll be saving about $20 a month. TriNessa seems to be working with the Benzaclin and adapalene(differin) cream well. Don't get me wrong I do still get pimples but they go away very quickly!! :] I can live with that.. As long as I don't have any for the wedding (11.19.2011) .. hopefully my skin wi

still going good

ok I'm half way through taking TriNessa( generic for Ortho tri-cyclen) and still doing pretty good. I get a few pimples but my skin is doing way better :]

day 3 of TriNessa

Ok I'm still doing ok with washing my face every morning. My Regimen is currently: Morning: -wash face with dove bar -Apply Benzaclin -TriNessa BC pill Night: -wash face with dove bar -Apply adapalene Yesterday I did have some symptoms while taking TriNessa such as Nausea. I had to vomit while at work :[ Today I ate breakfast before taking the pill so maybe that will help.. I will keep on posting.

going great!

I have been washing my face every morning and night and applying Benzaclin in the morning and Adapalene(Differin) cream at night. So far I'm loving it!! My face is clearing up nicely. So far it's been section by section. I'm just waiting on my forehead to clear and I will be all clear!!I'm currently on Day 2 of TriNessa (generic of Ortho Tri-cyclen) so hopefully adding that in doesn't mess everything up. I'll keep ya posted!

going strong

Ive been washing my face every morning and night with Dove bar sop (doctor said that was best) and applying thin layers in Benzaclin in the morning and adapalene cream(differin) at night. So far so good except for supppppper dry skin. I will be starting with TriNessa (generic of ortho tri-cyclen) this sunday. Ill keep posting.

Day 1!!

Ok so today I was prescribed Ortho Tri-Cyclen ( I got the generic: TriNessa) Benzaclin, and adapalene. Hope this works!! :] I will update soon
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