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Day 14

Day 14 and it's that time of the month. I had a 6 zit breakout a couple of days ago. They are almost gone and normally wouldn't have been if it weren't for the Regimen. I started using the full amount of BP today because my skin wasn't having hardly any of the adverse side effects that people were talking about. (peeling, redness, itching) I think that may be why I broke out. Had a small breakout of 2 zits on my back so I'm starting the Regimen on my back today too. I also don't think

Day 11

Well everything seemed to be going great as far as that time of the month goes until I woke up this morning and found another small cystic like pimple on my left cheek. I tried to let it go and just put BP on it ( a lot of it) and my husband isn't home and his cell phone is broken (he's the one that ususally keeps me out of the bathroom when I want to "pick") so 20 mins later I was in front on the mirror poking and prodding the thing! I'm sure it's going to look much worse in a couple of hou

Day 7

Well didn't get much sleep because I had to take some friends to the airport this morning around 3am. But was able to sleep til about 2pm when I got back from the drive. Also woke up with a new pimple on my right cheek that was pretty big. Put lots of BP on it and it seems to be stopped in its tracks! I have to work tonight so I'm hoping it won't get worse while I'm there. Good news...I received Dan's BP today in the mail. It's really a great product. Goes on nice and smooth and clear

Day 6 of the Regimin!

After years and years of dealing with Acne I finally came across this website and decided why not? I mean I've tried everything else besides going to a Derm (which I can't afford) and nothing has worked, so it can't hurt to try this! Let me start of with my story, although I'm sure there have been enough tear jerkers on here that everyone is about done sobbing, but maybe it will help me emotionally to get it all out. I've had some form of Acne for as long as I can remember and have always
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