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Irregular updates on my Regimen experience

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Day One

I started the Regimen 4 days ago and I'd like to say that it's going well. Unfortunately, it isn't. My skin has started peeling like a bitch. Up until today, my skin was so red that I gave the impression of having just left a burns unit (I applied some very comedogenic E45 cream to the worst areas which soothed it). I can't open my mouth fully unless I steam my face beforehand, or apply some E45. Here is a detailed walkthrough of my daily regimen (it is the same AM and PM): -Wash face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (10 seconds, blah blah) -Wait ten minutes -Apply half a fingertip of 2.5% Panoxyl Aquagel -Wait twenty minutes -Apply Cetaphil Moisturiser (for dry / sensitive skin) -Writhe in agony for around ten minutes -Stay indoors all day I have no idea if I am allergic, or just particularly sensitive to this combination of products. I don't know how much longer I can deal with the constant peeling sensation. Maybe I'm allergic...




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