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Hi my name is Trung and I have been suffering from what is known as folliculitis decalvans it started about 7 years ago when I was 10. It first appear on the left side of my scalp just right above the ear. At the time it was only the size of a penny it did not leak nor was it painful but it did made me lose hair in that area. I was then given some anti-biotic from the doctor. After about a year it come back worse then ever it continues spreading through my scalp and soon on to my face. I have seen 4 different dermatologist and been on numerous medication and topical treatment. Please if anyone know a cure or treatment that seems successful or is successful let me know. Possible Cause -Stress ( Work,School,Family,and Health) -Heat (Its really hot here in Vegas but during Winter the disease halts till it get hot again) -Gluten Intolerance ( I'm not too sure this was brought up by Ms.Kerrylee) -Diary Intolerance ( Brought up by Ms.Kerrylee) Treatments (These are all the ones that I remember) -Prednisone (it works for a bit but then failed) FAILED -Accutane (I thought this was a miracle cure but 4 month later it came back) FAILED -Most or all common Anti-Biotic (Too many to remember but they don't work) FAILED -Chinese Herbal Medicine Pills ( A new approach) Pending -Chinese Herbal Medicine Drink ( A new approach) Pending Topical Treatments -Benzyl Peroxide ( this cream actually works well on my face) SUCCESS -Chinese Herbal Medicine Ink ( A new approach) Pending Remedies -Aloe Vera Pineapple Drink ( Clear skin but thats it the one on the scalp remains) NEUTRAL -Earth Root Drink (don't even know what the heck this was) FAILED IF ANY HAVE ANY SUGGESTION OR WISH TO SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT