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The Regimen

Is it just me or is the way everyone talks about the regimen and Dan kinda creepily religious(É) Anyway, about two months ago my prescription acne treatment changed formula. So now unless I want my entire face to swell three times its normal size, I cant do anything about my acne. So over the course of the two months my skin went from awesomely clear to the face of the moon. Well, not really but y'all know what I mean. So I have decided to re-start the regimen (I had just started it when I got my magic persricption cream). I have the giant bottle of BP, the Cetaphil cleanser (I accidentally got the Oily skin one, but its all got) and a Neutrogena moisturizer (it will run out soon, I hope so I can replace it with the Cetaphil moisturizer). I've been following the regimen for the past two day but I haven't seen any results, but maybe its cause I keep picking at my face and that I didn't have the cleanser yet. I guess I cant really tell though, cause I see me everyday. So Ill start posting pictures as soon as I figure out sisters HD camera (that way you can see every single one of my enlarged pores). If you were able to follow my zig-zag-y thoughts congratulations! Love and Hugs, May E.




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