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Starting From Scratch: Get Rid of those Abrasive Things

I come to ya'll to day from stupidly hot and humid Louisiana. I'm 19 years old and have been seriously battling with cystic acne since the age of 12. Yeah I know, ridiculous right? Let's cut to the chase though. I am fed up with the itchy, painful blotchy lumps and big bumps on my face. I have oily, sensitive, combination skin, bad anxiety, PTSD, and some dark spots on my face that began to appear after using BP for some years (I have dark skin; hyper-pigmentation perhaps?) I have used proactive, acne free, nutrogena, clearasil, black soap, acv, seabreeze, witch hazel, went to the derm used panoxyl, changed my birth control method, and nothing seems to be working agressively enough of else just burns and inflames my skin. So today, after washing my face with the black soap, I'm just gonna stop washing my face with anything except water. maybe let my skin calm down before I devise a game plan. Or of course it may be that I'm using too much stuff. I'm tired of trial and error. I just want this nonsense to go away.....