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2 years into it

Well I never started a blog at the begining (May 2009) because acne gets you down enough with it just being there, I didnt want it to get me down even more by tracking all the ups and downs. I should probaly introduce myself, it's very long overdue. My name is Naomi and I lived in England for the first 15 years of my life then moved over to Canada. I am now 21 years old and I have more of a medium skintone during summer and obvisily lighter during the winter. Now, my skin - right now its 97% clear, (I am a girl and well of course around once a month I do get hormonal breakouts). I did manage to keep my skin under control very well - but saturday was an extremely hot day and the heat brought some of my clogged pores and a few white heads to the surface. Now I used to be quite bad at the sqeezing and picking and sadly I feel back into this on Saturday And of course once you pick at one then another comes up and so on. So right now I have a breakout all around my mouth/chin area - some of this could also be due to the fact that I lean on my hands at work. When I was not picking at all - except for the few clogged pores and blackheads on my nose I was pretty much clear - not completely but I do still wear makeup on a daily basis which I shouldn't but it's hard to wean yourself off it. I did have many red marks that were even left behind from pimples I had not even touched - guess I scar easily - so makeup was what stopped me from studying them all. I don't have many red marks now - just everything pimples and marks are all around my chin now - as I found something that seems to work well together. I use baking soda daily - in the evening - and twice a week I will use it as a mask I also use tea tree oil (from the body shop) - comes in a little bottle I find the pure tea tree oil is the best. It has defiantly lightened all my marks up. I had bought it due to a bad hormonal/stress induced breakout - tea tree oil dries and reduces a pimple very quickly. To my amazement it also helped with red marks within a few days. Now like anything else it may not work for every one on marks but I would recommend using it for those painful stubborn forms of acne. I think I rambled on enough. I will keep updating on tea tree oil with the current breakout I am fighting. If I can find my camera I will post pictures of the progress with it.




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