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Hello again, I felt bored so I think I'll just say things that my family doesn't understand. I am 17 years old and have always been a victim of Acne. I don't have perfect skin. I get pimples all over. As in all over. Even in the most unimaginable places. Back, legs, chest, underarms, shoulders, the list is never ending. I absolutely hate it. I like dressing up, wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, backless outfits, but i can't do it. My mom insists on the things I wear. She tells me that it's okay, that people aren't going to care. Oh, but it isn't okay. And people are going to look and stare. I've talked to her a lot about this but she just shrugs it off. It's really hard for me to look at myself in the mirror with so many acne. I feel disgusted with myself. My dad and my mom has had acne when they were younger but now they don't. I have one older sister, whose skin is as smooth as when she was still a baby. Also a younger brother, whose skin is a guys but I'd trade with any day just so I'm acne free. And we all have only a year from our age gaps. I feel like a freak. Unfair, I'd like to think so. But it's not their fault. Its, maybe biology, I don't understand but I try to live with it. It's been so hard and painful. I feel so insecure with every one. It's unimaginable.