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Sooooooo, just when it seems my face is going to clear up more acne decides to emerge. I have a new spot on my left cheek and two new ones on my chin. The two on my chin are not too bad, but the one on my cheek is going to turn into a monster. On top of all that my face is beginning to get really flaky even when I put on loads of moisturizer. So now at night I am putting on way more moisturizer and hope that it will help with the flakes. On more interesting news... I usually get pimples/

About two weeks later...

And I have cleared up most of my acne!!! I haven't posted anything in the past 2 weeks because I have been super busy with life. After my last post I started to break out really bad. I had no idea why and I had just started to use Dan's products, so I began to get discouraged. But I kept up the regimen and a couple days later most of the new whiteheads were gone. All that are left from that breakout are red marks. Right now I have red spots around my mouth/chin area and one on my forehead.

Official Day 3 DKR

By the end of yesterday I had 2 new whiteheads (and pretty big ones). I usually pop those right away, but this time I did not. YAY! They went away on there own while I was gently washing my face tonight. I hope that by not picking at them they will leave lighter (hopefully none) red marks. My mom even noticed them earlier today and actually told me that my acne is getting worse. So now I know that it is not just my imagination! I have a new goal...clear skin before school starts. It gives m

Good News!!!

Well my face was not red or flaky at all the night after I put on too much NOTS. But I was sick and tired of using NOTS so I decided to go a day without any BP and boy was that a bad idea...a new white head appeared right next to one that had just started to clear up! GAH! BUT! Today the DKR acne treatment came in the mail today! YAY!!! So I am basically going to start the process all over (except I am going to use a higher dosage of BP because I think my skin can handle it). Tonight

getting worried...

Tonight I put on way too much BP. I was squeezing it out of the NOTS bottle and it came pouring out. It was probably about a finger length of BP and my face is not ready for that. But stupidly I put it all on thinking that it would be okay. But as I sit here typing it is still not dry and it has been more than 5 minutes. Oh well...I guess I am just going to have a really red/itchy/flaky face tomorrow. Luckily I have no plans and can stay inside all day long I do not have any new pimples (


I am not too happy about my acne/face today (well I guess it is yesterday now). I thought things were going well, but somehow my acne just got worse. I have been using Nuetrogena On-the-Spot BP for the past 2 weeks and ordered Dan's regimen a few days ago so hopefully things will start to look up when I get that order!!! I have really bad acne on my chin/cheeks, but none what so ever on my forehead. This is really weird to be because I have fringe that covers most of my forehead...Wh

Harry Potter Love

At 12:01 am Friday I watched the last film in the Harry Potter series. It was absolutely amazing! I laughed. I cried. I enjoyed the entire film and am sad that it had to end last night. I have read all the books and started when I was in 3rd grade. Now that it is over I don't know if I will ever go to another midnight showing. On the acne front: I had trouble with washing/bp on Thursday. I applied in the morning, but did not wash or reapply until 3 am the next day. This, of course, was due

The Begining...

Hello everyone! I am new to Acne.org and wanted to start a blog so that I have more incentive to continue on the path to clearer skin. Let me introduce myself. I am currently 19 yrs and just this year started to get bad acne. In the past I only had about on pimple per month. But this past year it has escalated to multiple at a time a red marks that last for months. When I came back home from college I decided that something had to change. So I found this amazing website and began treatment
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