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just my journey on accutane

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Starting accutane in 11 days!

So i am going to start accutane on the 21st and i am excited but at the same time very very nervous i am 17 and i've had acne since i was about 12 but it wasn't bad until i was about 14 or 15 i have seriously tried EVERYTHING! i was suppose to get on accutane last year but a few weeks before i was suppose to get on it i chickened out because of some of the bad things i read about accutane but i realized that its going to be worth it in the end i want clear skin! my face is already full of nasty red scars so im not really worried about the initial break out and getting more scars cause hey i already have them but i am worried about the dryness because i will be starting school soon and there are some mean kids this is also my senior year so i really hope it doesnt really interfere with school cause i know some side effects can be being weak and having muscle aches. so i decided to blog about my journey because i feel like it will help me through this journey also i might make youtube videos because i've been watching many accutane diaries and i find them helpful and would like to help others on accutane well im new to this dont know if i did this right haha




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