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July 11th

Hi, I'm Brianna and I started getting mild acne when I was about 12, I think. I'm 14 now and I have moderate acne now wah. I've honestley tried pretty much everything. Some stuff helped but would stop within 5 days... I've used stuff that costs from 1 dollar to 1 hundred dollars. All with the same results I started out with just getting pimples on my forehead, just about 2 months ago I got acne around my mouth and chin..while its still on my forehead, too. A few days ago I was using bp, It wasn't helping at all. But it made my skin sensitive and red.. So now I'm using Cetaphil Daily Fash Wash (Normal to Oily) and Seabreeze (for senstive skin) Am&Pm:Wash w/ Cetaphile then with a cotton pad wipe Seabreeze all over my face. (If i need more mosture I used Cetaphil Lotion) So far all the peeling and pain from the bp is gone:) (it's been 2 1/2 days) I will keep you posted! P.S. I'm new to this...




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