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i just started accutane and want to hear back from a great community!

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my first entry (and my 21st day on accutane...)

Well, I only just decided to start a blog of my accutane journey. I'm a little behind but not too much. I'll keep all ya'll updated through photos and everything. First, though, I'll give a background of my struggle with my health and my acne. So, I first started getting acne when I was about 14 or 15 years old. My periods were never regular but all my doctors told me it was normal. Last summer I decided to address some problems I was having. I went to a dermatologist complaining about my troubles with acne. I was nearly turned 22 and had this rash like acne all over my skin. Not red or anything, just tiny bumps all over my face. Under the sunlight I felt really self concious. I also had all these really large cyst like acne all over my jaw line. My derma told me it might be PCOS and had I ever been tested for it. I found an obgyn who confirmed that I really do have it. She said she was also concerned about my liver functions (my enzyme count was really high) as well as my sugar levels (pre pre diabetic??). My mom also wanted me to get tested for this rare blood disorder which it turns out I have. So there's something called MTHFR and I have a mutated strand or something like that. Fast forward to present day. My liver functions are normal. I'm supposed to be taking metfformin for my sugar levels but it makes my stomach hurt like crazy. And because of my blood problem, I can't take normal types of birth control that could help with my acne and hormon levels. So, my new dermatologist decided to put me on accutane. I started mid june. She put me on a really low dosage cause of all my other health problems, so I'm starting out on 20 mg. I'll do that for one more month until I visit with her and we'll reassess (that's august 12th). My dosage is low but I'm definitely feeling the effects. When I first started, the first changes I saw were 1. My little rash-like textured bumps disappeared 2. My lips were dying! I woke up after a few days and it felt like my lips were someone elses. They kind of felt... Rubbery. It was really weird. After about 5 or so days my skin looked like I had been sunburned. Not in color but in peeling. I'm a redhead so I peel anytime I'm burned. I freaked out about my face and bought a nice moisturizer with spf (its by laura mercier).I would lather it on and then try to put on foundation. Ha, it failed. My skin basically peeled off whatever I tried putting on it. Its like my skin would absorb nothing. I've stopped even trying to wear lipstick because my lips just look flaky and gross. Looks like I'll just have to suck it up and be ugly during my treatment!! Haha, or natural at least. I came to the acne boards last night because some new developments have been made and I want to see if they are normal. Oh, my doctor put me on the medication in the summer because I get kind of depressed in the wintertime and she didn't want to risk anything. So, my scalp has been itching pretty bad lately. I hate it because I constantly look like a crazy person! My lips are obviously chapped and my skin is, of course, super dry. I developed some headaches this past week but I'm not tooooo concerned about it because my sleep pattern was kind of messed up. Also, I haven't had much water, and anytime those two things are combined I get a headache. Its not pounding its just a slight ache in my frontal lobe. Hmmmm... What else? It seems that the blackheads I have are like... Coming to a head and I don't really know what to do about it. Also, does anyone know of when is best to apply moisturizer, morning or night? And what about exfoliating to get the dead skin off? What kind of chapstick works best? Does anyone else feel super dehydrated? Well... Hopefully someone will read this. Sigh. i'm trying to upload pictures but the computer is being weird! guess you'll have to wait till my next post...




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